The Design-Build Company of Our Dreams: Arbor Ridge

It’s almost August, ya’ll! Which means that it is almost time to bring out my fall decor.. just kidding (or am I)? Today I wanted to share with you all a company that really helped us revamp our new townhouse to exactly what we wanted. Overall, we were pleased with the structure of the home, but we definitely wanted a personalized touch that was customized to our specific needs. Your home is where you spend your life making memories in – so you might as well design it EXACTLY how you envisioned! So many contractors in the Atlanta area offer designing services, but the majority of them are not capable of creating what you need because they do not offer a full, professional design-building service. The company that we found that is a one-stop-shop for all of these needs is called Arbor Ridge, which is a professional design-build company based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are capable of handing ALL different types of renovations – big or small! The process of working with them was super easy. My hubby and I expressed exactly what ideas we had in mind, as well as some more adventurous concepts, and Arbor Ridge listened to our needs while keeping the cost of construction at the lowest they could. ​

So now you’re probably wondering what kind of services they offer and what kind of work they have done in the past. According to their website, they “offer a wide variety of home improvement and home renovation services such as; landscaping, hardscaping, pool or water feature installations, interior stone work and more.” Other services include design and building, exterior stone work, stone or brick pavers, decks and patios, fire pits and fireplaces, outdoor kitchen and grills, pool and water features, pavilions, walk way and stairs, gates and fencing, front entry ways, landscaping, interior stone work, custom cabinetry and carpentry. Arbor Ridge is known for their beautiful custom designs, stone work, masonry, carpentry and landscaping designs.

Photo by Arbor Ridge

At first, we thought that we could take on the home project by ourselves, but there are so many benefits of using a design-build contractor. For one, you don’t have to outsource yourself to multiple companies to get the job done. They take care of your design AND construction needs at once, so there’s more communication and less fees than going the traditional route. Also, the designer and contractor are always on the same page because they are working on it as a singular team, while using two different companies might cause confusion and design flaws. Another thing I loved about Arbor Ridge is that they allowed us to compare our project budget to other contractors. Other contractors weren’t happy that we were “shopping around”, but Arbor Ridge actually encourage us to compare! They were confident enough in their work and prices that we would come back, and trust me – we didn’t hesitate! We almost hired a contractor twice as much who was willing to do half the work at a higher price! Luckily, we had found Arbor Ridge in time to understand what the other company was (or wasn’t) truly offering us. What we love about Arbor Ridge is that their strategy is simple: offer high-quality, design-building services at a fair cost. We watched as their team communicated effortlessly, which sped up the design and building process, they stayed on the designated timeline while keeping us updated if anything was changing, and they accounted for customized changes that might occur during the whole process.

Feel free to contact them yourself for a FREE estimate! They offer professional home improvement and contracting services to Metro Atlanta, Cumming, Buford, Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Buckhead to name a few!

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