How I Made My First Cabinet

This post is in collaboration with Saw Trax. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hi, Friends! I am SUPER excited for today’s post because I have picked up a new hobby that I have been dying to share! After we moved into our new town-home, I knew that I wanted to find more creative outlets outside of my regular work routine. I started by trying things like hot yoga, meditation, and a book club. All of these activities sparked so much joy in my life, but I wanted to also try a new hobby that required using my hands! As I was sitting in our new dining room, I realized that I wanted to make a cabinet, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. I went to Pinterest for new ideas and I wanted to make sure that I understood everything perfectly, because building a cabinet is time consuming! After I got some inspiration from some local bloggers and pins, I knew I had to invest in the best material on the market. I came across Saw Trax., which is a Kennesaw, Georgia based manufacturer (founded in 1988) that provides equipment, such as specialized hand cutting tools, table top cutting tools, saw kits, and vertical panel saws.

After talking to their staff about my cabinet needs, I invested in a vertical panel saw; the 1000 Series Vertical Panel Saw was perfect for me, and it’s also a great option for woodworkers or for those who need precision cut sheets up to 1¾ inches thick. It gave me the exact precision that I needed to create my cabinet, and most importantly the safety features made me feel more comfortable using it. According to their website, “Vertical panel saws feature a steel bearing system and patented alignments Accu-Square alignment systems. In addition to the standard circular saw our panel saws have a unique carriage that allows the use of different cutting tools. We also offer a floating router insert, a razor knife insert, a rolling sheer insert and a floating saw insert. One machine can cut almost all sheet goods with the proper cutting insert!” I was so impressed with how helpful their staff was and they explained everything I needed to know about the proper way to operate the saw as well as how to cut specific material!

I didn’t purchase the 2000 series saw, but I heard the most incredible reviews on this product. This vertical panel is perfect for someone who has a demanding sawing project. The secret to this saw is the steel sleeves that prevent damage to the roller compared to other plastic roller materials. This saw was purposely designed for industrial operations of cutting 50 or more sheets a week – that’s A LOT of power! According to their website, “The design of the 2000 Series make it not only a great value, it is a unique machine in the panel saw industry. No other panel saw has a squaring system that indexes the guide tube to the frame so adjustments can be made in to be within 1/64″ of square over the length of the cut and locked into place so it does not shift. This indexing system is called the Accu-Square.  Other panel saws are adjusted with a dead blow mallet, whacking the machine either left or right.”

Saw Trax also provides other equipment such as Dolly Carts and Coro Claws; I wish I had known about the mattress dolly during my numerous moves before settling in the townhouse! It’s easy to maneuver, easy to store, and has multi-functional options. It is capable of providing longer posts, 18 vertical positions, a high/low box option and corner protectors – it pretty much does everything. They also provide a yel-Low Safety Dolly, which is perfect for any industry due to its versatility. It can hold mattresses, large flat screen TVs, and even things like sofas, chairs, ping pong tables, and more (up to 1000lbs)! What I love about this equipment the most is that it has a low loading height, which allows one person to tilt an object to load it instead of lifting an object onto the dolly – no more two person loading!

I really appreciated everything this company did for me, because I was able to create something beautiful for my new home thanks to the quality of their equipment. I was scared to try something different, but the Saw Trax team was more than willing to help me answer my (millions) of questions! For more information, check out their website at or give them a call at 770-974-0021!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


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