Our Newest Home Decor Piece

Welcome back to the blog, friends! Today I wanted to share a new home decor piece we recently added to our home that I can’t get enough of! Finding the right home decor for our town home has been a little bit trickier than I expected; We’ve been super strategic about the places that we shopped from and the one place that made the list was Ottomanson, which is one of the leading wholesalers for area rugs in the Unites States. They were established in 2007 but quickly gained traction due to their high-quality products. According to their website, “Ottomanson offers a large variety of high-quality heat-set, BCF, and printed area rugs in traditional to fashionable contemporary designs available in a wide array of colors.” We personally chose to go with one of their contemporary designs because it was not only functional, but it was gorgeous to look at. We looked at tons of products before deciding on “the one”. We browsed through high-quality runner rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, printed rugs, grass rugs, doormats, stair treads, chair mats, towels, blankets and tablecloths. We decided on one of the Casa Regina rug designs because it represented our home style perfectly as well as matched out furniture pieces. It’s soft, durable, and stain resistant as well. With hundreds of designs to choose from – the options are endless!

Because we are newlyweds, we only wanted to invest in decor that we knew we really needed. We chose to go with Ottomanson rugs for multiple reasons. For one, we obviously wanted something that would make the elements of our living and kitchen area come together. The colors and designs made the room appear more open and expensive, which were two qualities we were desperately looking for! We also wanted an area rug because rugs are known to greatly decrease noise in the living room due to the fact that area rugs reduce echo in a room (which is great for when my husband and I take daytime naps and do not want to disturb each other). I absolutely love that I can also use the rug to stretch while I am watching Netflix or use the area to do my morning yoga poses. The rug is soft and warm since the pad underneath acts like an insulator, which is perfect for our cold kitchen floors. I wanted to show you how we personally use our Ottomanson rugs for not aesthetic purposes, but for functionality!

As far as their kitchen rugs go, we decided to go with a Studio Collection piece to give our kitchen a much needed pop of color. The design we chose was full of contemporary and colorful visuals and most importantly is stain-resistant, non-shedding soft pile completed with non-slip rubber backing. They have hues of sage green, brown, beige, dark-red, sea-foam and cream in this specific collection. Our rug is not only a great conversation piece, but it is budget-friendly. According to their website, their kitchen rugs are “resistant to fading, stains and shedding, this durable rug offers a fuss-free maintenance and can be an ideal choice for homes with kids and pets as well as heavy traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, entryways, living rooms. Machine-woven loop texture with 100% nylon pile makes this rug easy to lay flat and feels comfortable under your, your kids’ and pets’ feet; while the non-slip rubber backing helps with grip so your rug stays safely in place without moving even when you vacuum. Dense construction ensures durable and long-lasting service; and the utilitarian low-profile pile, made of premium quality nylon, provides stain and fade resistance as well as shed-free performance, which all make this rug suitable for even the most high-traffic areas at your house with breeze-like maintenance.”

There are two collections my husband and I COMPLETELY fell in love with – the Paterson and Royal Collection. The Paterson Collection offers a stunning assortment of traditional, bold contemporary motifs and trendy colors. This collection is the type to make a strong statement in your home thanks to the contemporary print of the Moroccan trellis design (in 6 different colors, may I add)! Every home is in need of a gorgeous and luxurious Moroccan trellis patterned rug, I promise! The Royal Collection gives your home exactly what you think it needs – royalty and timeless patterns. What I love about this collection is that it has an authentic Persian rug vibe, with a delicate floral pattern to balance the look. Not only are these rugs insanely soft and comfortable, the unique color schemes with make any room feel more luxurious.

To learn more about Ottomanson rugs, visit their website or give them a quick call at +1 (862) 295-1100.

What’s your favorite rug from the collection? Let me know in the comments below!



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