Not Your Typical Pawn Shop – Why I Chose Prestamos Por Oro

Proporcionamos Préstamos A Bajo Interés Y le Pagamos En Efectivo Por la Comora de Su Oro, Diamantes, Joyas Y Más.

Happy Friday, Friends! If you read my last blog post, then you are already aware that my partner and I bought our first townhouse together this year! Buying a townhouse in Midtown has been so much fun, but there were a LOT of things we were not prepared for. Of course, we knew that buying a house was going to be very expensive, but we were tired of wasting our money on renting and felt like it was the right time. We wanted to enjoy the city more, be closer to local breweries, and have a shorter commute to work! But as first-time owners, we made some silly “newbie” mistakes that hit us hard financially. Even though we weren’t completely struggling (all of our necessities were taken care of), we needed extra cash to be able to afford things like a new bed and living-room furniture. We decided to check out a few local pawn shops thinking that we could take a small loan this year, but we couldn’t find a single place that didn’t feel “icky” and safe. We were terrified they were going to take advantage of our lack of knowledge on collateral loans and just the pawn shop industry as a whole. After a ton of research, we found the right place for us that felt safe and professional, and less of a pawnshop-type place. If you’ve ever needed a collateral loan but were afraid to commit due to interest rates, timely credit checks, etc., then you’re going to love Prestamos por Oro, which is conveniently located in Buckhead! Prestamos por Oro is not your typical pawn shop; they provide affordable asset loans on things like jewelry, gold, diamonds, watches, and other valuable assets, at a low rate and at fair value for almosr 40 years. They literally offer loans as low as $100 to even $5 million dollars! Pawn shops always lend at extremely high rates in public places, but Prestamod por Oro offers private financial offices. For me, discretion and confidentiality are extremely important when it comes to financial matters so I really appreciated their private offices. They take all forms of gold; gold bars, coins, jewelry and scrap metal – from any country with the proper credentials! All jewelry includes engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The best part is that you can get cash the same day with no appointment necessary.

¡Compramos todo el oro! Barras de oro, monedas, joyas y chatarra. Compramos oro y ofrecemos préstamos de tiendas de empeño en todo el oro.

First, I called for a quote and then made an in-person appointment. Their waiting rooms are very comfortable – plush, leather couches and beautiful art and decor. Also, the loan process was incredibly fast (done in minutes), and they didn’t ask me for my personal information, such as a credit check, tax return, or job verification. Because they hold on to the collateral themselves, they are required to secure a pawnbrokers license – the only similarity between Prestamos por Oro and other pawnshops. My monthly loan payment consisted of interest, security, storage, and insurance fees. Everyone’s monthly payment will be different, depending on the total amount borrowed and the value of their asset used as collateral. My rate was about 2.5-3% per month! They even offer 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as you need. And the best part – there’s no minimum loan period due to the fact that you can pay off your loan in full anytime without being penalized. I absolutely love that they give you the option to pay the loan in increments instead of as one lump sum payment, which is what a lot of other businesses do. According to their website, “Any amount paid each month above the “monthly rate” will go towards reducing the principal balance, therefore, reducing your minimum monthly payment. This means our clients can take as little or as long as they need to repay the loan. You have the freedom to structure your monthly payments in any way that best fits your needs and financial situation.” Going into their office, I honestly had no idea how to determine how much my valuables were worth. Their employees taught me that their loan-to-value ratio is around 65%-75% of the estimated liquid wholesale value of your asset. Their staff members were never pushy and they took the time to explain everything in thorough detail. I never worried about the safety of my belongings because they store your valuables in an alarm protected, 24-hour security monitored fireproof vault. Can you say fancy! Even more than that, they FULLY insure your items for their full replacement value. They will never sell your belongings behind your back or any other scam-like behavior some other places try to do.

I never worried for even a second that I wouldn’t receive my valuables in the same condition as I left them! I have absolutely no complaints about this process and it was refreshing learning that if I ever needed another loan in the future, I would be in good hands! You can find their beautiful establishment in Buckhead, across from Lenox Square. Free parking on site and less than one block from the MARTA Lenox station.

This post is in collaboration with Prestamos por Oro. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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