Day In The Life of a Freelance Blogger

Happy First Day of April! I wanted share with my readers what a typical day looks like for someone who blogs full time. The truth is, every single day is very different for me, which can sometimes feel a little chaotic for my brain! Trying to develop a consistent schedule has been my 2019 goal because it really does help you stay on top of your to-do list. I recently missed a deadline, and it was the worst feeling ever. When you’re a freelancer, you don’t have a boss behind you telling you exactly what you need to do and by when. Some weeks you can go into work and do the bare minimum and still know that you are going to get a paycheck by the end of the week. But when it comes to freelance blogging, you don’t have that cushion paycheck to fall back on – it’s hussle, hussle, hussle all the time! You are 100% responsible for your time, which is a huge pro (and con) when it comes to working from home.

The first thing I do is I try to wake up at a consistent time, meditate, and enjoy a cup of coffee. If I don’t take these morning moments to gather my thoughts, everything feels off and I don’t feel as productive (it also increases my anxiety which is an icky feeling). I swear by Google Calendar to send me reminders of events in an organized manner, and it’s also a great day-to-day tracker. For long-term goals, weekly planning, and random blog ideas that pass through me everyday, I use the Wunderlist app. I love the way they designed the app and it’s a great way to jot down notes, links, etc. in a reminder! When it comes to creating digital marketing materials for my brand, I swear by BuckBlue. BuckBlue is a full service digital print company located in Atlanta, Georgia. They help me create media kit booklets that I present to brands, cute postcards that I send to giveaway winners, as well as amazing business cards that I pass out every opportunity that I can!
Every product that I’ve ordered has been carefully detailed with very high quality colors, no matter what type of paper style I choose. They also offer other services like brochure printing, large format posters and banners, trade show displays, signage, design services, and reprographics.

Founded in 1987, BuckBlue is an awesome resource for all of my blogging needs because I trust their dependable and consistent services. Their commercial grade quality is perfect for anything from small booklets or brochures, to extremely large banners and signage. They have the highest quality laser printers, which can print an exact replica of your images while keeping the quality consistent! I’ve never had to worry about my images appearing distorted. When it comes to buying digital media printing services, you want to be very thorough with the sizes, colors, pattern, and overall design, because one small mistake can throw off your entire design plan. BuckBlue made sure that everything I wanted was carefully understood and planned out. They always help me bring my ideas to life, which is an awesome feeling! Unlike other businesses, they are extremely accessible; I made a mistake in an order that quickly needed to be changed, and I was able to get someone on the phone immediately! Having that type of accessibility makes me feel very comfortable ordering large purchases at once. They also make sure that the deadline is very clear, so there is never miscommunication about needing a media kit or business cards on time!

Outside of using BuckBlue for reoccurring printing needs, I’ve also used some of their services for specific events. When I had my first blogger meet up at a local boutique, I wanted to create an event banner that displayed both my brand and the boutique’s logo by the entrance. BuckBlue made a beautiful banner and I was able to choose the exact size I wanted (many other businesses can’t do extra large prints). They color matched my design and created a high-resolution image – no strange, pixelated designs here! It gave the event the perfect amount of attention thanks to the professional design! Their digital posters can be used for things like in-store point-of-purchase displays, courtroom signage, research posters for medical presentations, promotional signage, presentations, business or personal displays, art gallery photos displays, and exhibitions!

This post is in collaboration with BuckBlue – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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