Why Continuous Education Is Vital For Your Long-Term Career Goals

Happy Monday! This year I made a promise to myself to read more books about topics outside of my typical comfort zone. As much as I love Rachel Hollis (finished her latest book in one day!), I knew I needed to focus on an array of genres to keep me ahead and on top of my career. These books, seminars, podcasts, continuous education courses, etc. that I needed to focus on were in the science, medical, and business field based on my weaknesses and job field. At first, it was a total snooze fest trying to learn more about coding and assessments, but now I get to excited learning something that challenges me. It gets me out of my normal thinking process and I am able to share these tips with my colleagues. See my list below for why continuous education is going to transform your career.

Everything Is Always Changing

Whatever industry you are in, you constantly have to stay on top of new updates because everything changes and evolves VERY often. What you learned five years ago in school is not always applicable to what is happening now at your job. By staying on top of what is happening in the world, you will be prepared for changes in your industry and it will prepare you for changes that may happen throughout the year.

Being Prepared Causes Less Anxiety

Nothing is worse than feeling unprepared. A lot of times we freeze up at work because we didn’t review the project notes or catch up on the newest company updates and it can lead to feelings of embarrassment and make you seem unqualified. Continuous education keeps you on your toes and gets you thinking outside of the box, so that when your industry starts to update you on the latest trends and technology, you’re already somewhat versed in what is coming. A lot of times at work we have downtime that we don’t usually use efficiently. If you are busy after work because you have a family, using these moments throughout the day to educate will separate you from the crowd. Always try to improve your skills – there is always something to learn so don’t waste your time sitting around!

Getting Further In Your Career

Cha-ching! Who doesn’t want to get further in their career and make more money? You will be surprised how quickly you can get a bonus or a salary bump by being the “know-it-all” in your industry. People who educate themselves are prepared to answer the tough questions that other people tend to overlook. So how did I use these tips to my advantage? I reached out to an Atlanta-based medical management and health-information solutions company called iMedX, which is a company that offers webinars and incredible resources for my industry. According to their website, they were founded in 2002 and offer “full suite of high-value revenue cycle management solutions including medical transcription and coding services, results-based consulting, education and training opportunities, and data analytics. Its leading-edge technology, custom solutions, best-in-class quality and commitment to service excellence allow iMedX to focus on driving positive results and success for thousands of healthcare clients worldwide.”

All of their education and training courses are conducted through iMedX University, which is an advanced online learning management system that combines detailed-content as well as interactive multi-media through their extensive lineup of courses. You can access these courses through any tablet, PC, or browser of your choice thanks to their senior education consultants who developed the content accessibility. Their training services were perfect for me because they offered live and remote interaction, which is very necessary for learning patient medical record coding. It gave me that classroom interaction connection without having to actually be in a classroom. They also offer a one-on-one coder model as well as pre- and post-assessments. These assessments helped me track how well I was understanding the material and where my weaknesses were. Live, remote interactive training is designed for personalized learning in the coding of patient medical records. Because of iMedX, I’ve been able to fully understand the complexity of obstetrics, cardiovascular, and orthopedic procedures – I never thought I’d be fluent in ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS!! To learn more, check out their website or give them a call at 404.418.0096 to learn how this amazing company can transform your career as well.

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