The Sweetest Touch To Our New Home

Hi, Friends! I hope you had a chance to read my recent blog post, because I shared EVERY part of the moving process for our new townhome! That post brought back so many memories and I wanted to get a little more specific about life after “move-in” day. As previously mentioned, we definitely took a lot of time learning how to respect each other’s boundaries, and more importantly we both wanted to feel equally comfortable and safe within our new home. One of the most exciting parts of having a new home has been the design and decorating! In the beginning, it was CHAOS trying to decide on colors, patterns, materials, overall vibe/style of each room, but once you stop questioning yourself it’s easier to make a decision. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted each room to have some form of memorabilia. In our bedroom, we framed old love notes. In the basement, we framed our college photos, and in the kitchen I put the first coaster of our first date pinned on the refrigerator. I love it, because every room has a peace of our hearts and memories. It made transitioning from living with my parents to living with my husband a lot easier to. Even though we are NO WHERE near having kids, we have a small office room that we plan to transform into a baby room (one day). Because we don’t have any memorabilia yet for our future children, we wanted to create something super special that would be passed down to them. We wanted to create a customized family plaque that would be passed down, hopefully, for generations to come! That’s when we reached out to East Point Foundry.

East Point Foundry is an Atlanta-based company that specializes in hand-crafted bronze and aluminum plaques. These plaques are uniquely-made and customized per customer, so you are always getting exactly what you want. East Point Foundry is amazing because they truly care about commemorating and celebrating your precious life moments. You can choose between hand-crafted aluminum or bronze plaques, as well as nameplates, lettering (bronze, cast metal, or plastic), bronze ornamentals, castings (brass, bronze, or aluminum), and bronze sculptures. According to their website, East Point Foundry has partnered with both private sector (civilian) and public sector (government) agencies, honoring achievements and accolades by institutions and individuals for over 70 years. They are very fair when it comes to pricing because they remove the middle-men cost. Each design is charged based on work and detail requirements.

The nameplates are my second favorite option because their pieces are professional and instantly make your office space look more classy. The nameplates can be used for so many different purposes; they can honor and commemorate the memory of a loved one, be placed in churches, businesses, and doctor’s and lawyer’s offices. According to their website, “Bronze nameplates are a way to showcase a classic, elegant, and practical look in your space. Used for centuries, bronze is a recognized element that lends itself to be used in a variety of different ways and by a variety of people. Nameplates can help you fulfill your mission in honoring someone, remembering someone who has passed, or showcasing someone that is special to a certain organization. East Point Foundry has been creating these nameplates since 1948, focused on giving consumers the professionalism and class they are seeking to display. At East Point Foundry, each nameplate is handcrafted based on the customer’s need, making it our goal to meet the expectations you had in mind when searching for the perfect nameplate.”

If you are looking for something for your corporate office or a government institution, I definitely recommend going with their lettering option. Their lettering instantly creates a sophisticated look to your building or office (because no one actually takes a half-working sign or missing letter on a sign seriously). Their sculptures are a perfect option for honoring loved ones, or to honor those who have served the public with sacrifice, dignity, and class. You simply send them your photo/idea inspiration, and then they craft a molded representation. After that, they begin the bronze casting process to bring your vision to life!

The plaque in our future baby room is a timeless piece with so much attention to detail. We were able to customize the border (we went with a double line) as well as choose the texture, size, and layout. The most important part of purchasing our first real memorabilia piece is that it was made exactly how we envisioned it thanks to East Point Foundry. They have been creating timeless masterpieces to honor your most precious moments since the 40s, and they will continue to do so for years to come! Want to learn more about East Point Foundry? Check out their website at or give them a call at 404-762-1737 to get started.

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