What I Learned From Buying My Own House

Happy Friday, Friends! Recently, I made the transition from apartment living to buying my FIRST home with my partner and pup! It has been an emotional roller-coaster and in full transparency, a stressful one, but I was lucky enough to find help through Atlanta Peach Movers. I knew from the start that we were going to need some external help, because I had moved from three different apartments in the past two years and it was a draining process. The first time that I moved, my friend broke a really special family heirloom (accidentally, of course) and second time, we completely ruined the walls and had to pay to have the corners and paint fixed. It was an expense that we did not have the money for! After all the stress and hassle, I knew I never wanted to go through those aches and pain again – literally and figuratively. There are many reasons why I chose Atlanta Peach Movers, but for starters, they have an incredible reputation throughout Georgia for their services. Also, there were NO hidden service fees! We called them to price out how much our apartment move would cost, and when we received the bill it was exactly the amount that they promised when they gave us the fixed quote. A lot of times, companies will give you an estimate and after they have loaded your items on the van will increase the prices by thousands. Atlanta Peach Movers did not play games with us, and that was greatly appreciated.

We first thought that choosing a moving company for an apartment might be kind of silly because of how small the space was, but they actually taught us that apartments require more attention to detail due to the fact that the space tends to be tighter. Atlanta Peach Movers train their employees through their own one-of-a-kind training facility to ensure that they are extremely qualified. They were able to handle our fragile pieces and stairs with no issues at all, which was a huge relief because we had a very tight staircase! Another great resource they had was their website blog, which offered great advice and tips on things such as winter-moving safety tips, moving around the holidays, and choosing the right neighborhood. Their blog post about properly preparing our fitness equipment was super helpful because we had a lot of equipment, like a treadmill and weight rack, that needed special attention. From learning how to dissemble to choosing the right moving boxes, all of our fitness equipment was properly taken care of! The next blog post that helped us out tremendously was the post on “Crucial Tips and Advice on Moving in with Your Partner”. Though my partner and I stayed with each the majority of the time during the week, it was a completely new experience being in the exact same shared personal and work space 24/7. It wasn’t a bad experience! But we had to learn things about each other that we didn’t realize throughout the last five years of our relationship! Your home is a sacred space, so making sure you and your partner are both happy with the change is crucial to any relationship, whether you are just dating or already married. The first thing we did, was mutually agree on the perfect location for both of us – we had to consider family, work location, distance from good schools, etc. Then we created a master list of what we wanted our home to look and feel like (basically it was a massive Pinterest mood board). To make things easier, we started to sleep and wake up around the same time, as well as agree on how often we would make the time to visit family and friends. The most important thing throughout this process has been ensuring that we communicated through it all. These posts truly made a difference in our relationship, and it’s the reason why we feel even more appreciation for Atlanta Peach Movers. They weren’t just there to protect our valuable belongings, but they helped improve our relationship!

Unlike some other companies, Atlanta Peach Movers is licensed by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles Safety for Household Moving. They even have Federal I.C.C. authority for all 48 states according to their website! Their employees are full-time professionals, who are drug tested and have to undergo background and reference checks, so you never have to worry about who is coming through your new home and moving your personal belongings. Their employees are some of the highest paid movers in Atlanta so you know they are hiring the best of the best who value their job and the responsibilities it entails. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, white glove, international, or long-distance services, Atlanta Peach Movers has you covered! Also, if you can’t move in the day that you move out, they offer 24-hour secured storage facilities in Atlanta.

This post is in collaboration with Atlanta Peach Movers – as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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