Things I’m Adding To My Renovated Basement

Recently, we renovated my basement and it has completely changed how we enjoy the space. For one, de-cluttering is a MAGICAL feeling. There is definitely something emotional about removing clutter (que Marie Kondo)! Now that I actually have an open area to decorate and make it a comfortable space, I’ve added a few enjoyable features.

An Office Space

I finally have an office! The lighting in our basement is surprisingly bright, and since I work from home I finally have an area where I don’t have to think about or look at all of the chores I need to take care of upstairs (dishes, vacuuming, laundry, etc). I put on a relaxing playlist as well as light a candle, and now the basement has become my favorite work space!

A Pool Table

I wanted a space where we could transform it into different “moods”. My office space area is meant for daytime work, and then we decided to add a pool table and flat-screen TV for our family and friends to enjoy at night! We ordered our pool table from Absolute Billiard Services because of their highly rated reviews and products (also, they provide a one year warranty on all their services)! Absolute Billiard Services is a full-service Pool Table Moving Company in Atlanta. They offer services such as pool table installation, moving, recovering and refelting, rebumpering, disassembly, commerical services, supplies, and dimension guides. They are no joke when it comes to providing the best pool service in Atlanta; according to their website, they move 8-12 pool tables a week and are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 8pm! They offer “residential, commercial, moving, and services as well as move, refelt, assemble, disassemble, calibrate, and repair all makes and models of pool tables including antiques and one piece slate tables.” My favorite feature so far has been that they assemble the table for you (no way I could do that alone) and if we decide to move we can call them as well! We were able to discuss options on the phone and in-person so I always felt like the Absolute Billiard Services team was following along the whole process with us.

Once you purchase your beautiful pool table from Absolute Billiard Services, there are a few steps you should take to ensure that you are taking the BEST care of your new pool table! For one, I immediately purchased a good table cloth (you can choose between woolen or worsted). Worsted cloth is more expensive than worsted because it causes less napping. Less napping is important because it means that you won’t have to maintain your pool table as often (more playing time)! The weaving in the cloth tends to be tighter, which means that it will also help naturally repel liquid stains or accidental spills. It’s also important to remember to cover your pool table to prevent pet dander from covering it as well as natural light through windows because light causes the cloth to become damaged/faded more quickly. I also took the time to educate myself on the actual pool itself. I researched how to maintain the legs, frame, slate, rails, pockets, and felt. Because it’s an investment, it’s important to understand the best ways to upkeep it. I even Googled things like “Mistakes to Avoid With Your New Table” so I wouldn’t make any beginner mistakes! A great resource to learn more about the Absolute Billiard Services company is the Q+A section on their website with Brett. From there I learned that they are one of two Billiard Services in Atlanta and are members of the ABIA, American Billiard Installers Association. This is an important qualification, because the ABIA checks for insurance and warranty related coverage.

Also, Brett taught me to measure the entire room completely before deciding on a pool table because people don’t understand that the dimensions of the table can take up the entire room. I love that their felt gallery is online because it helped me come up with ideas before my actual visit to their business. I used Pinterest as a inspiration source to choose the right color for our home, but luckily the employees were able to give us more concrete advice that the Internet couldn’t help me with! After we purchased our dream pool table, I had a lot of fun choosing the equipment and accessories! I bought pool cues, cue sticks, bridge sticks (used when the player can’t reach their desired shot without lying on the table), billiard balls (sets come with 15 numbered balls divided into solids and stripes), and a pool ball triangle rack. Other accessories include cue chalk, holders, talcum powder, tally ball shakers, table brushes, rail brushes, table covers, wall racks, and cue cases! All of these extra accessories may sound overwhelming, but once you start to play the game you’ll be able to figure out which ones you want or need the most! I’m so happy that the Absolute Billiard Services team was there to help us throughout the process. Without them, I would’ve felt very lost and skeptical about our purchase! Our pool table has brought us all closer because we are able to spend more time together and do an activity that is competitive, but still easy enough to understand!

Workout Space

I created a small workout area where I included a yoga mat, dumbbells, a jump rope, bands, and kettle bells! I have a gym membership, but on the days where I have a lot of work I wanted to have the option to have a quick workout in the convenience of my home. Now, I never have an excuse to miss a workout!

This post is in collaboration with Absolute Billiards. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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