Korres Black Pine Range

“healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness” – dr. murad

welcome to my blog! a few years ago, i started to invest in better skincare products because i noticed that my skin was becoming dull and dry. there are many reasons why women in their twenties should start an anti-aging routine early on — it will minimize premature lines and wrinkles, prevent a dry and “leathery” complexion, as well as keep pores from becoming enlarged. i am a huge fan of night serums, because your skin barrier is most receptive at nighttime. korres has many different types of skincare products as well as hair products, but i’m currently loving their black pine collection; not only does it have a refreshing, piney smell, but all of their products are non-oily. i recommend using the firming, lifting, and anti-wrinkle night cream on your face and neck at night, and using the serum around your eyes, brows, and smile line area. other than using night creams and serums, make sure that you also wash your face every night, use spf, eat a healthy diet, moisturize and hydrate, and say no to smoking! your skin (and health) will definitely reap the benefits in the future 🙂 


p.s., since the products are a little bit more on the pricey end, i recommend going into sephora and getting a sample of their products before you purchase 😉

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